Express Yourself!

Introducing PingTank!

PingTank is the ultimate expression engine, redefining the way you creatively express yourself to the world!

Until now, social media platforms only allowed you the ability to 'like' content, restricting you from truly expressing yourself. PingTank enables you to overlay your photos and videos with fun and engaging 2D/3D animations to truly express how you feel.

Take a picture/video or select one from your camera roll, add an animation on top of it, then share it on your PingTank home stream as well as your other social networks.

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The Future of Self Expression is Here!

Take or select photos/videos from your camera roll

Customize posts with FREE custom 2D and 3D animation overlays

Share your animated posts to Facebook and Twitter instantly

Send animated posts directly to friends by email or using the Share URL

Interact with other users by commenting on their posts

Express yourself by voting on or reanimating posts

Follow what your friends post

Explore posts by category

And so much more!

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